Parish Services


Welcome to Parish Services! The Church of the Madalene offers a variety of services to parishioners, civic organizations and members of the community. Please also check out the Parish Life pages for complete information on all our programs.





Crisis Support


There can be moments when the unforeseen events of life happen in a tragic way. Such events can often leave a person feeling alone, confused, and fearful. If you are experiencing a crisis of any kind, you are encouraged to contact a member of the parish staff at 744-0023 to seek support and direction.




A nursery is provided for parishioners during most parish-sponsored events (Mass, dinners, meetings, etc.). There is no charge for this service but parishioners are required to sign their child in and out of the nursery. During the Saturday 5:30 pm and the Sunday 10:00 am Masses, the nursery is available for children 4 years age and under.


Office Clerical Assistants


These are volunteers who work on a rotating schedule or on an as-needed basis to assist the parish office by answering the parish phone during normal business hours. Contact Sharon Burns at 918-495-1227 if you would like to volunteer.




Church of the Madalene offers visitation at home, hospitals, or health care facilities. Regular visitation of parishioners who are not able to travel can be arranged by contacting the parish office at 918-744-0023.