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Lit. Ministries - Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The ordinary manner by which the faithful partake of Holy Communion is from the hands of an ordained minister (bishop, priest, or deacon).  The clergy are designated as "Ordinary ministers".  'Ordinary' carries a precise meaning.  It does not refer to some of the more common definitions of 'ordinary':  of no special quality, commonplace, undistinguished, somewhat inferior, customary, or usual.  Rather, it refers to proper jurisdiction or authority.  As ordinary ministers, the clergy most properly distribute Holy Communion because it is within their authority and jurisdiction to do so.  This is contrasted with the delegation function given to certain members of the lay faithful.  Thus, those who are delegated to assist the clergy in distribution of Holy Communion are designated as "Extraordinary ministers".  Likewise, this carries a precise meaning.  It refers to the temporary and supplementary nature by which the laity assist the ordinary ministers.  Extraordinary ministers assist in the distribution of Holy Communion:  (a) when there is an insufficient number of ordinary ministers; or, (b) when the ordinary ministers are impeded from their function (e.g., due to illness or physical problems); or, (c) when there are particularly large numbers of the faithful which would excessively prolong the distribution of Holy Communion.  Extraordinary ministers facilitate reverent reception of Holy Communion, are active members of the parish community, as evidenced by their participation in some other area of parish life and receive training and spiritual enhancement programs on a regular basis.

If you are interested in serving as an Extraordinary Minister, please contact the Parish Office at 918-744-0023.