A Roman Catholic Community of faith serving the Lord in word and deed


“Lord, bless these rings which we bless in Your name. 
Grant that those who wear them may always have a deep faith in each other. 
May they do Your will and always live together in peace, good will, and love.”


The Church of the Madalene is pleased to assist and to host wedding celebrations.  The following guidelines are issued so that couples may better plan their wedding experience and more clearly understand the purpose of Catholic ritual and worship during such an occasion. For more information, please contact Maureen Goree, Parish Wedding Coordinator at 918-743-9013.


Who can be married at the Church of Madalene?

Marriages in particular parishes should be celebrated for parishioners of that parish provided they are free to marry.  Catholic persons (non-parishioners) who wish to be married at the Madalene may do so with proper permission.  A wedding may not be celebrated if either party is not “free” to marry according to the norms of Canon Law.


Who can perform weddings?

Normally, the celebrant for a wedding should be the priest or deacon assigned to the parish since they already possess the necessary “faculties.”
Other Catholic clergy are welcome to conduct weddings provided the proper delegation has been granted.


Where can the wedding take place?

Weddings are prayer experiences and should always take place within designated sacred space.  The Church of the Madalene offers two areas designated for this purpose:  the main church (seating capacity of 450) and the chapel (seating capacity of 50).


How do we prepare for marriage?

The Diocese of Tulsa requires at least six months notice of intent to marry during which time marriage preparation is conducted.  The celebrant is responsible for this preparation.  The Church of the Madalene requires that couples: 1) complete the required paperwork for a valid marriage in the Diocese of Tulsa with their celebrant; 2) complete the FOCCUS inventory or similar pre-marital inventory with the celebrant; and 3) attend the Pre Cana class through the Diocese of Tulsa (contact the Family Life Office at 918-307-4939) or an Engaged Encounter Retreat (contact the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita at 316-744-0167).  We strongly suggest that couples attend the Natural Family Planning classes offered through the Diocese and parish (contact your celebrant for more information).


Who do I need to contact?

You should first contact the desired celebrant to set up an initial interview to clear all details and answer any questions of protocol.  After a date has been secured with your celebrant, you should then contact the Parish Life Coordinator, Liz Poulter in the Parish Office at 744-0023, Ext 38 to reserve the church and, if desired, the parish hall for the reception.  Lastly, you should contact the Parish Wedding Coordinator, Maureen Goree at 918-743-9013 to confirm that all necessary preparations have been made.  It is recommended that all these contacts be made within the first week of planning.


How is the Rite of Marriage celebrated?

The Church of the Madalene is Roman Catholic and requires that all celebrations that take place here be in accordance with the liturgical norms of the universal church and approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  No deviation from these norms is permitted.  The celebration of marriage normally takes place within the Mass.  However, in marriages involving a Catholic and a baptized person who is not a Catholic, the celebration may take place outside of Mass.  Couples may participate in the selection of readings, prayers, formulas for the exchange of vows, the blessing of rings and other prayers provided in the Rite of Marriage.  It is not permitted to alter the wording of vows in any way.


What about music?

It is encouraged, but not required, to have music and a cantor for your wedding. If you desire to have music, couples may use our parish musicians and this cost is covered in the parish fees.  Couples who wish to secure additional musicians or cantors may do so at their own expense.  The Church of the Madalene requires that only liturgical music or that of a sacred character be used in the service. The Director of Music can provide you with an updated list of approved music.

How much does it cost?

There is never a charge for the actual celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church. However, certain charges are incurred for the use of facilities, the administrative expenses needed to facilitate the celebration as well as for the professional stipends required for the musicians, etc. Couples (or their parents) who have been registered parishioners for one year or more who are using the main church pay a discounted rate of $475.00 (this includes organist, cantor, and parish wedding coordinator).  Couples (or their parents) who are new to the parish and are using the main church pay the full rate of $525.00 (likewise, this includes the organist, cantor, parish wedding coordinator).  To reserve for either the rehearsal dinner or your wedding reception, there are additional charges: Receptions, $100.00 use and custodial fee for the use of the room and $100.00 damage/security deposit (which is refunded after the event, provided there are no damages and the room has been returned to the manner of which it was given). Rehearsal dinners will be a $50 custodial fee with a $50 deposit (which is refunded after the event, provided there are no damages and the room has been returned to the manner of which it was given).  To reserve a reception room, contact Liz Poulter in the Parish Office at 744-0023, Ext 38 to make arrangements and specify your requirements.