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“This community must be dedicated to assisting others in discerning God’s Will in their lives, calling forth the gifts and talents we see in others, and nurturing those who respond to God’s call through our prayers and support.  To this end, we have made a commitment to pray for vocations at every Mass and to ask households to share in praying for the specific intention that God will raise up holy men and women in service to the Church”. - Rev. Jack Gleason, former Madalene pastor

The Traveling Vocations Crucifix is located on the Altar Shelf wall, left of the Baptismal font in the vestibule of the Church.  Pick up the Crucifix after each Mass.  The Prayer Booklet "Devotional Prayers and Prayers for Vocations" is yours to keep or return.  Place the Crucifix in a prominent place in your home and Pray for Vocations daily.  Return the Crucifix the following week to the Altar Shelf before Mass.  Contact Liz Poulter at 918-744-0023 if you have any questions. Click on the link below to sign up!  Thank you in advance!



Pray for Healthy Marriages, Vibrant Singles, and the Priesthood & Religious Life.

Healthy marriages need both a nurturing environment to discern their commitment and the support of the community after they have made their vows; vibrant singles need both the wisdom of family and friends to discern their gifts and the participation of the Church to call forth those gifts in service to others; priests and religious need both the input of their fellow Christians to discern a life of service to the Church and the prayers and support of the people of God to live faithfully their calling. 



1. Contact Liz Poulter at 918-744-0023 or madalene.parishlife@gmail.com.

2. Or you can click on the link and sign up there.

3. The Vocations Crucifixes are located on the altar shelf adjacent to the baptismal font in the vestibule. 

4. Pick up the Crucifix and Prayer Booklet "Devotional Prayers and Prayers for Vocations"after Mass. 

5. Place the Crucifix in a prominent place in your home and pray for Vocations daily.

6. Return the Crucifix and Prayer Book the following week to the altar shelf before Mass.