A Roman Catholic Community of faith serving the Lord in word and deed

Lit. Ministries - Altar Servers & Liturgical Assistants

The altar servers and liturgical assistants assume a very important role at the Mass.  They not only serve the priest, but the whole Madalene community by serving God in helping with prayers and with the Eucharist.  This role of altar server is open to boys and girls who are at least in the 5th Grade.

As an altar server, you are involved in some of the holiest and most sacred events in our tradition of Catholic worship.  It is important to be sure that you, as an altar server, be attentive and sensitive to the presence of God during the Mass, and afterwards.

Altar servers are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass.  If you are unable to serve when you are scheduled, please contact another server to fill in for you as soon as possible.

During Mass, altar servers may do any of the following:

  • Carry the processional cross
  • Assist in the opening prayer by holding the missal so both hands of the priest are free
  • Help the priest or deacon receive the gifts of bread and wine
  • Present the cruets of wine and water to put in the chalice
  • Administer water to the priest as he ritually washes his hands
  • At the post-communion prayer, hold the missal again for the priest
  • Carry the processional cross during the ending procession

Liturgical Assistants serve in their capacity as more of a "shepherd" to the altar servers. If you are interested in becoming an altar server or liturgical assistant, or learning more about it, please the Parish Office at 918-744-0023.


Click here for the Altar Servers Manual