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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an elected group of eight (8) active members of Madalene Parish along with six (6) ex-officio members who serve as an advisory board to the Pastor and act as an intermediary with various groups and committees within Madalene Parish. As outlined in our Bylaws, the Council's main purpose is to help the Pastor align the mission of the Parish with diocesan norms and carry the Church forward through any changes in those norms.

Elections for Parish Pastoral Council are held annually, with one-third of the members being replaced each election.

Parish Pastoral Council meetings are typically scheduled for the first Sunday of each month and are typically held in the St. Francis Room. These meetings are considered open meetings, and topics of concern can certainly be submitted to any one of the Parish Pastoral Council members. The Council has an active interest in developing the future of our Parish and we value all opinions, ideas, and opportunities. For past meeting minutes, please click the minutes below.


Meeting Minutes


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