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      Church of the Madalene

      3188 East 22nd Street
      Tulsa, OK 74114-1822
      3188 East 22nd Street
      Tulsa, OK 74114-1822

      Parish Office: 918-744-0023

      Rev. Desmond Okpogba, Pastor
      918-744-0023, Ext. 12

      Parish Life Coordinator: Dan Douglas [email protected]

      Business Manager: June Benton

      Religious Education: Theresa Fyler
      [email protected]

      Music Director: Jacob Schwartz
      [email protected]

      ELP: Burnedette Anderson [email protected]

      Communications Coordinator: Jesse Fyler [email protected]

      Facilities Manager: Paul Steiner | Ext. 15

      RCIA: Roger & Becky Holder
      [email protected]

      Youth Group: Ian & Bridget Riley
      [email protected]


      Phone: 918-744-0023
      Fax: 918-744-0024

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      Office Hours

      Monday - Friday
      9:30am - Noon, 1:00pm - 4:30pm