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Lit. Ministries - Greeters & Ushers


The responsibilities of serving as a Greeter include welcoming parishioners and guests as they arrive for Mass, handing out bulletins and answering occasional questions such as “where are the restrooms?” Greeters should, if they choose, to arrive early enough to allow for their own quiet time with God, then should station themselves in the vestibule near the entrances approximately 15 to 20 minutes before Mass begins. If you wish to volunteer as a Greeter, please contact Liz Poulter in the Parish Office at 918-744-0023, Ext. 38.


Ushers responsibilities include directing parishioners and guests to seats before and during Mass, setting up and removing temporary seating in the vestibule (as needed), taking and securing collections, assisting with gift presentations at the Altar and directing Eucharistic Ministers to those who need it brought to them due to impaired mobility. Like Greeters, Ushers will occasionally direct people to restrooms or the nursery, or address other needs of parishioners or guests. Ushers also are responsible for maintaining the vestibule as a reasonably peaceful extension of the sanctuary where people are able to hear and participate in the Mass. Ushers should be stationed in the vestibule approximately 10 to 15 minutes before Mass, allowing time for their own quiet time with God beforehand, if desired. At least one Usher needs to remain after each Mass to securely transfer collections to the parish safe (generally done within 5 to 10 minutes after the conclusion of Mass). Ushers are typically able to participate in the Mass while carrying out these duties, but may prefer to attend a separate Mass. If you wish to volunteer as an Usher, please contact Liz Poulter in the Parish Office at 918-744-0023, Ext. 38.

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